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Consultant uses the art and science of statistics to solve a practical problem. Problems come from many different fields, Data Analysis, Data Management, and Help with Statistics, Statistics Tutoring, Methods Theory, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Research Design, Data Interpretation, Excel, SAS, Mat Lab, and SPSS Statistical Software Consultations.

Every one this world will need to have some analysis done for them at some stages in lives. We will need to analysis done for us based on our requirements. We could even need medical analysis done for us or for the people in our families. We could require help on statistical analysis done for us to make out decision makings much easier.

As we all know that statistics would involve studying the available data and analyzing it to help us resolve the impending issues on our hands.

There could be a very good possibility that we do not have the experience to do the statistical analysis on our own. This is when we might need to consider taking help from the statistical consulting firms to aid us with the answer which will help us decide on the decision which we might need to take.

Statistical consulting experts will need to be provided with all the data required by them to make the analysis. They will ask you questions to assist them with the analysis for you. Statistical consultants will break down your complex issues to smaller divisions and the give you solutions which will help your work or the issue resolution as a whole.

It is vital that we take the right decision to ensure a healthy growth. If we do not possess the analytical skills to help us make the decision or if we do not have the time to make the analysis, it would be only right that we take help from the experts.

When there is a lot at stake, it would be really wise to do have the experts help you with taking the right decisions. Statistical consulting experts are the right people to help you with analyzing your business needs and act accordingly to help you fix the issues which could prove critical to your business.

It is not just the businesses where the help of statistical consulting experts is required. There are a lot of students who take help from the Statistical consultants experts to help them with important projects. The help from the Statistical consultants firms is taken by people from just about all fields. They are helpful to scientists, Medical Science, Agricultural science, Engineering lawyers, Sports media, physicists, companies and lot of people in various fields.

Statistical consulting firms have helped a lot of people from various walks of life to come up with the best answers for proper decision makings. The study they make on our issues and analysis they conduct to find solutions to our problems could prove invaluable to us in our lives.

There are many reasons to write a grant, and many places to apply for one – from small grants for a few thousand dollars, to multi-year grants for many millions of dollars. If your grant involves any sort of data analysis or data collection, even something very simple, it can be worth your while to consult with a statistician. It is better to consult early in the process. Although consulting costs money in the short term, it can save you a lot of time and money in the long term, and can improve your chances of getting a grant.

Some ways a statistician can help

Making data collection appropriate :

when people come to me with data, it’s often collected in ways that make it hard to analyze. Then I spend hours manipulating the data into the proper format. If they had come to me before starting, it would have taken me a lot less time to show them a better way.

Power analysis

Many federal agencies such as the National Institute of Health actually require power analysis.

Analysis plan

If you come to the statistician (such as me) early, then 3sinfosolutions can help you answer the questions you want to ask, rather than the questions that the statistical techniques you are familiar with can answer. There is a wide range of statistical techniques out there, and it’s better to let the substantive questions drive the analysis then the other way round.

Doing the actual analysis

Once you get your grant, and start collecting data, you’ll want to analyze it. A good statistician can do it accurately and quickly, and show you the results in ways you understand Research questions and hypothesis need to be written in a particular way in order to lend themselves well to statistical analysis.

Methods and statistical consultation

  • Properly written research questions and hypotheses smooth the way for subsequent discussion of statistical methods.
  • Collectively, appropriately written research questions, hypotheses, data analysis plan and power analysis insure that the data analysis for your results section will go smoothly.
  • 3sinfosolutions can help you formulate your research questions.

Procedure for consultant

If you are need of a statistical consultant please send me an email or any other communication The entire consultation process takes place via email, phone and personal meet.

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